Special Circumstances Due to Covid-19 & Shipping

COVID-19 Updates & Current Information Regarding Shipping.

Post 2020, I cannot guarantee specific delivery dates and/or times. If delivery of your artwork is time sensitive, please contact me and I'll try my best to help. This may involve an extra shipping fee for expedited post.

Please note that I'm in Australia and at present, due to Covid19, there are limited flights to and from Australia. This has resulted in longer than usual transit times for international deliveries. In light of this, I have chosen to pivot the printing of artworks to your country of origin or as nearby as possible. This will be  in effect until the world begins to return to a new normal. I have made trusted, professional printmaking partners in the UK, Europe and the USA who are helping me to deliver your prints quickly and safely to you. 

Not only does this help you to receive your print much sooner, it also greatly lessens the carbon foot-print which is already helping to regenerate and nurture our precious planet - signs of recovery have  begun to show due to the reduction in air travel. I hope you’ll understand why I have made this choice. 

Shipping within Australia will continue as normal except in the case of sudden and unexpected border restrictions, which may cause unforeseen delays with deliveries.

I understand that delays can be frustrating, so I want to assure you that I am doing everything I can to make sure your artworks arrive as quickly and safely as possible. However, I cannot provide you with any guarantees regarding delivery times.

When your artwork is sent, you will receive a shipping notification with an estimated time of arrival. This is provided to me by the Courier delivery service. It is important to note that this is an estimate only and you should use your tracking number to receive more accurate updates and information regarding the delivery of your artworks. 
Sarina Diakos Art cannot take any responsibility for delays caused by Couriers and Shipping Agents.