Sarina Diakos Fine Artist

Modern Abstract Art Prints & Originals

Sarina Diakos Fine Artist

Original Paintings & Fine Art Giclee Prints

Sarina Diakos Fine Artist

Contemporary Original Art & Fine Art Prints

Sarina Diakos Fine Artist

Colourful Contemporary Statement Art Originals & Prints

Sarina Diakos Fine Artist

Original Paintings & Fine Art Giclee Prints

I create original artworks & fine art prints to inspire, beautify and bring joy into your life!

Welcome to my Art Studio, I'm so happy you're here!

Giclee prints are the closest you'll find to an original artwork making them a less expensive, fine art option. Each print is art gallery quality, richly coloured and full of the beautiful detailed brush strokes of the original painting. Affordable joy & beauty for your walls

Fine Art Prints

Invite the quality of beautiful art into your home… glowing and complex, original artworks are absolutely gorgeous and their essence of serenity and timelessness allow a lifetime of happiness into your life and surroundings.

Original Paintings


Original artworks & fine art prints that refresh and uplift the spaces you live in

We all know that art has the power to inspire beautiful, enlivening and positive vibes.

The intention for all my pieces is to create art that will bring goodness and joy into your life!

New collections of original artworks are available here alongside with prints as reproductions.


Picture this....

layers of painted marks, textures and movement...

the timelessness of a beautiful piece of art brings a lifetime of joy into your life and surroundings