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How can I be sure I'm seeing the colour accurately online?

I have all my work scanned and colour matched by a professional photographer to ensure that what you are seeing on my website is the best and clearest image available to you. However, all digital screens whether PCs, laptops, phones, etc. will display colours differently. If you are not sure about the colours you see, please try to view the artworks on multiple screens. I have noted that phones make the colours extra vivid, e.g my palest pinks tend to look a bit bright and orange.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards, PayPal and Afterpay are accepted when purchasing through me.  

I’m interested in contacting you about a commission or something entirely different. How can I do this?

I’m always happy to hear from you so please feel free to contact me through my contact page. I receive your messages as a personal email but please remember that I’m in Australia and there may be a long time difference from where you are in the world.

Are you taking commissions at the moment? 

At the moment I am not readily accepting new commissions due to current work commitments. However if you're thinking of a commission, please register your interest with me as I have short breaks where I would be honoured to do something for you.

How do I buy an original painting?

I periodically produce a small collection of paintings and present them on my website. Prior to their release, I promote them through social media, my blog and my email list. If you wish to be the first to know about new releases, please use my email sign up form.

Can I cancel my order?

I'm unable to alter or cancel an order as I begin the printing process within a few hours of receiving your order.

Print Quality & Details


Do you do custom sizes?

Yes, I do.

If you would like any custom sizes you are always welcome to contact me through my Contact Page to get a quote.

Purchasing Gift Cards

Click here to purchase a gift card.

If you need gift card of other values, please contact us to issue a custom gift card.Answer

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, I ship all over the world and place the utmost care when shipping to you. 

Most artwork is shipped using a courier service but variations and exceptions may apply. Please refer to the detailed information I have on my shipping page and if you have additional questions, feel free to email me through my contact page.

How much is shipping?

I offer free shipping in Australia and worldwide.

What are your shipping policies?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that I have received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. Shipping is free throughout the world.

What's your return policy?

Each painting and print is handled with absolute care, attention to detail and transparency to create a long lasting treasure.

Please refer to the detailed information I have on my returns & exchanges policy and if you have additional questions, feel free to email me through my contact page.

How long does it take to receive my order?

All prints are made to order so please allow up to one week for processing and a week for delivery. Most of the time its quicker than this though!

These are estimates only and times may vary due to postal systems, unforeseen events and customs hold-ups.

Can I use pictures of your artwork on my blog or social media sites?

You are most welcome to feature images of my art on your website, social media pages or magazine, I would love that, but please properly credit my work in return. The images you feature must be of a similar quality to that which appears on this website and in no way altered. For a more detail description, please refer to my General Policies. Not sure? please feel free to contact me.



Prints & Paintings

What paper do you use for your prints?