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I love the idea of fully supporting the special and unique place that Australia and New Zealand occupy in this part of the world so having one of my original paintings featured on the Etsy Shop Australia & NZ  is just great!

Celebrating and supporting our local outlets in whichever way we can, acknowledges the importance of local business to our communities and economy. I wish there were more opportunities to shop for locally made products and produce and sometimes its especially hard if you're looking for original handcrafted and artisan designed goods.

With this in mind, I'm posting some links to a collection of wonderful products lovingly crafted and collected by local artisans from Australia and New Zealand. The list has been curated by a member of the team at “Shop Australia NZ” which promotes Etsy sellers in Australia & New Zealand.

Of course I'm just a bit excited that my own work has been selected as part of this list!!

Here's the link to the Shop Australia page.

Please have a look around knowing that if you buy anything here, you'll be supporting your very own Australian and NZ communities!

Eclectic Decor curated by Shop Australia NZ on Etsy


Other items at Handmade, Vintage & Supplies from Etsy sellers in Australia & New Zealand

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