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How to Place Artworks to Enhance Your Living Room: Part 1

How to Place Artworks to Enhance Your Living Room: Part 1

How to Place Artworks to Enhance Your Living Room: Part 1

As an artist, I get this question very often,  how should I place the artwork on the wall? How to style abstract art on the wall with the rest of the home décor and so on. Honestly, nothing can be worse than placing artworks haphazardly!

There are lots of stories, perspectives and feelings that abstract artworks bring to a room. A correctly placed painting can be a super conversation starter. In addition, it can enliven the décor of your house effortlessly. So, here are a few things to keep in mind when you buy a painting on canvas.  

  • Go technical

Before investing in a piece of artwork, make sure you have a special place for it in mind. Pay attention to the scale of the painting and the number of paintings you want to install. An oversized piece of abstract art can set the tone perfectly for your space. Try to keep a gap of a minimum of 10cm between two paintings so there is enough negative space.

  • Location, Location, Location

Just because there are white walls all around the room doesn’t mean you have to cover them all up. Strategically place a limited number of artworks so they can dominate the aesthetics of your room. When placing the artwork over the sofa, make sure you cover two-thirds of its length. This way, a visual balance is maintained.

  • Grouping Artworks

Statement walls with an overhaul of artworks have become a new thing! While grouping more than two artworks make sure there to maintain a balance on both sides. Create a working plan for the artworks and place the most ravishing piece on the eye-level preferably. It is very easy for multiple framed artworks to look messy and random. To achieve a clean look, be consistent with the gaps between all the frames.

  • Diversity can be Interesting

When it comes to dressing up the wall, there are no strict rules related to the type of art. From vintage mirrors to macrame wall hanging, incorporating a mix of artworks can instantly elevate the aesthetics of your gallery wall.


These are a few ideas to help make your walls interesting and beautiful. And always remember, when deciding the abstract art for your home, trust your instincts and have lots of fun!


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